North Carolina’s Newest Woman-Owned Agency

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After many long days and sleepless nights, I’m finally ready to tell the world about something big.

I’ve launched Unity, a new business making websites for mission-based organizations — nonprofits, small businesses, and high-tech startups who are dedicated to serving the common good.

For those of you who know me, you'll understand how this is the perfect fit for me. I’m able to use my expertise in website design and development to help people. Even better, I’m getting the chance to really make a difference for North Carolina through the various organizations who call this great state home.

I am so thankful for the support of everyone who has helped me realize this dream of mine. And I truly value all my experiences meeting passionate educators, students, journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, policymakers, and change-makers through my previous role at EducationNC. You impress me every day with your commitment to improve the lives of people across North Carolina.

You inspire me to do the same through Unity.

The organizations we work with feel like they don’t have time to manage their website along with all the other digital communications needed to succeed.

They’re tired of feeling behind the eight ball. They know they have an important mission. And they’re ready to make their website reflect their awesome vision.

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