People-powered. Mission-focused.

Our team is always looking for the best talent to help us further our mission of creating a more inclusive and accessible internet.

Whether you’re a developer looking to make a difference or a designer seeking a unique challenge, Unity offers opportunities that can make work fun and fulfilling.

Unity team members working in office. Illustration.

Why you should work at Unity Web Agency

Our agency isn’t just a place to do work. We work hard to make sure that your experience with us is as rich and fulfilling as the work you do for our clients.

An empowering atmosphere

Our mission is to uplift people and create a more inclusive web. But that isn’t just reserved for our clients. When you’re a part of our team, we want to make sure your voice gets heard when you want it to be.

You’ll play a role in the growth of your role and our agency as a whole, shaping the experience for our clients and future team members!

Live your life

One thing we firmly believe in is that work should compliment your life, not be your life.

We offer a flexible working schedule that allows your role to work around what you might have going on. We understand life can be a lot, and we make sure your responsibilities with us don’t interfere with life’s most important moments.

Develop your skills

You’d be a part of our team because your skills can help us further our mission. But we also know that you’re looking to further your career and growth opportunities, and we make sure to feed that need.

We offer financial support for classes and courses that can help further your education and expertise within your specific field!

Make a difference

The work we do is focused on our greater goal to make the internet a more accessible and inclusive space, and you can help us get there.

Whether you’re chatting with clients, working on marketing collateral, or creating the very websites our clients will rely on, you’ll play an important role in our efforts to make sure everyone can use the internet, regardless of ability. 

“Simply put, this company has it together.

I love that Unity Web Agency is transparent with its overall goals and how you can contribute to them. They are very transparent with its processes, and you always know how the company is doing.

The company also places a strong emphasis on inclusion and diversity, and it's something that aligns with my personal values, which makes it easier to work for them.”

Andy Marino, Lead Developer

Open Positions

  • We have no open positions at this time.

Don’t see the role you want?

If what we have available doesn’t fit your eye, simply send your resume to we’ll keep it on file for six months. We’re always looking to grow, and you might be the perfect fit for us in the future.

Think of it as a “not now,” instead of a “not ever.”