Website Accessibility Testing

Ensure your website is accessible and inclusive

Unity Web Agency has partnered with Ablr to offer comprehensive accessibility audits that will give you valuable insights into your website’s usability and solutions for improvement.

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Website Accessibility Audits & Reports

Through our exclusive partnership with Ablr, we’re able to offer you a comprehensive accessibility audit and detailed report that allows you to understand what barriers exist and how users may struggle while interacting with your website.

The audit will include:

  • A combination of automated and manual/human testing by people with disabilities to ensure everything is checked and accounted for.
  • An evaluation of your website, application, document, or any digital content you have available through assessment using a representative sample.
  • Compare the level of compliance against the WCAG, 2.1 Level AA.

The report will include:

  • Snapshot of the compliance status of your website
  • A brief video that documents the User Experience within identified barriers. By using assistive technology, such as a screen reader, the video allows the audience to understand how users may struggle while interacting with their digital content, websites, apps, and documents.
  • An issues list, and recommendations for remediation using examples, screenshots, and links to reputable sources.

Website Accessibility Remediation

Along with identifying potential issues found during the audit, Unity Web Agency offers an accessibility remediation service that can take care of any issues found by Ablr.

We’ll fix the accessibility issues that exist on your site, and then we'll pass it back to the Ablr team to validate that the issues are truly fixed to WCAG 2.1 standards.

After Ablr completes the validation of remediated content, you will receive a follow-up report that identifies what’s been fixed and what may still need to be improved.

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